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Search engine optimization (SEO), or using all kinds of internet marketing tools, services, and strategies to help your website be rewarded with top search engine results, can deliver fantastic results in your web site marketing efforts. Today, we talk about the benefits of article marketing along with our SEO discussion.

Learning how to utilize the website marketing search engine tools that are available will make it possible for your small business to earn significant income online.  New statistics say 80% of shoppers look online for information before making a purchase.  This is good news for small businesses that are establishing an online presence.

Part of online presence is giving your customers and potential customers information about your business and the services you offer.  SEO, articles, and article marketing can do this for you.  The more a customer knows about your business the more they trust you and turn to you when they want to make a purchase.  Give them the information and the answers they want before they ever visit your store.

SEO is a well established acronym for Search Engine Optimization, and involves optimizing your website so that more customers and potential customers find you through search engines.  There are specific things you can do both on your website (on page optimization) and off your website (off page optimization).

You want your website and your articles to come up when people do a search for keywords.  If your website and your articles are optimized for web site marketing search engines, it increases your chances they will find you and your business.

There are many ways a website can use SEO.  Your website address (name) can include keywords and you want to place those keywords in strategic places on your website (on-page optimization).  SEO can take many forms in addition to keywords.  The key to SEO is to make it easier for the web site marketing search engines to find you and to keep you high in the rankings.  If you are high in the search engines the better your chance for your customers to see your results in the searches.

One way to rank higher in the search engines is to increase your number of back links, part of off-page SEO.  Back links are other sites which link to your web site.  The more links which are out there linking to your web site, the better your web site marketing search engine ranking.  This will make it easier for your customer to find you. One way is to use article marketing that can bring traffic to your website because it helps establish valuable links back to your website that helps with SEO.

Articles that are written in SEO form, and then submitted along with your web site name and keywords integrated, give you more presence on the internet.  Search engines like content sites because valuable information that helps people is placed there.  They reward links that have good content by giving your website favorable rankings in the search engines.

There are outsource services that you can utilize to help you with keyword research tasks, article writing and marketing tasks, and SEO work.  You can do it in-house as well if you have the staff to help or hire someone part time or full time for your internet marketing and social media work. Hiring someone, or an agency, on a contract basis, may be the answer for small business owners who don’t have the budget for an in-house person.  Outsourcing can be a valuable investment for your online business marketing.

You will have an even greater reach if you market the content you produce, to make it work even harder for you. It’s one thing to write an article and post it. It’s a whole different story to then go to work to get more eyes on that article.

We have learned a lot about SEO and so much more from the two blogging courses that we have used and we continue to be plugged in to their coaching to keep current:


blogging course

Either the 30 Day Blogging Fast Track or Lynn Terry’s program Niche Success Blueprint will be a great to help you grow your business online.

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