What Works With Social Media?

what works with social mediaIf you are a business owner, entrepreneur, author, coach, affiliate marketer, or have a website that you would like to monetize better or help grow your customer base, one of the most important questions you should be asking yourself here in 2016 is:  what works with social media?

The reason why that question is so important is because of the growing number of people that are connected to one or more social media sites. It’s where they hang out, and it’s where you can connect with them.

The purpose of this article is to show you how you can use social media most effectively to get the specific results you want for your business – and how you can get started today.

One problem you may have is time. How can you effectively work on one or more social media sites and still run your business or do the work that you do? If you take time away from your business, will it suffer?

Today there are all kinds of information available about social media platforms. There are all kinds of services available to help you with social media marketing. So most business owners like yourself think that they have to choose between time (doing the work yourself) or money (paying someone else to do it).

What we like to present is the best of both worlds.

By the ‘best of both worlds‘ we mean that you can get access to a comprehensive training product that teaches you everything you need to know to set up and use a social media platform to grow your business and you don’t have to pay anyone the ‘big bucks’ to do the work. The ‘money’ part is a nominal charge for the training program.

Now you have a small investment + less of your time spent stressing about doing this work. You can even get help by giving a staff member or family member (if you’re a small operation) access to the training and let them help with your social media marketing.

Just one social media platform can help you grow your business by connecting with new people who are interested in your product or service. Once you get one social media site up and running, and producing results to help grow your business, you can decide whether you want to expand to another site. We recommend you focus on one at a time in order to really get it established and working for you.

Below is an overview of 2 top social media accounts where most businesses that use social media have a presence, and a training guide that is available for each. You can determine which you think your target market is visiting the most and then start with that platform.

The first social media platform most businesses will get is a Facebook Fan Page. Instagram is now growing at a faster rate than Facebook and is fast becoming a top marketing tool. Don’t worry if you think your business is not a ‘visual‘ business – Instagram can still work for you because remember, it’s more about being ‘social‘ than about you!

And if you have a local business, you should definitely set up your Google My Business business page and, most important, optimize it. This is because today more people search Google on their smart phones and computers to find local business information – gone are the days of phone books. We can show you a resource to help you with that.


You don’t need to pay a social media person or agency to set up or manage your social media account if that’s not in your budget. You can do everything they can do very successfully, and in most cases much more than they will do.


Many times an agency will only do a few posts per week and charge you a fee between $500 and $1000 (or more). When you see how easy it is to accomplish what they are offering, you will quickly see you can do it yourself. And there’s a good chance they aren’t including the strategic ideas that can help your business reach more targeted prospects (that would require additional fees).

There are many strategic ways to grow your social media followers – people who are your exact target market, looking for what you have. These are the kinds of prospects that you want. Its’ much more fun marketing your business when people are attracted to you online, rather than you chasing them. These strategies are included in our social media training packages.

To learn more about the social media marketing training, we recommend Lynn Terry’s Social Marketing Results course because she is the best at social media growth, even though she will tell you she’s an introvert.

Currently, she has grown her Instagram account into a HUGE following and is doing such a great job earning income from it in a helpful, sharing way.


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