Using Text Message Marketing to Build Your Customer Base

Since the introduction of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the way we interact online today has changed forever, and the introduction of text messages has changed the way we use our cell phones forever. The number of businesses who are choosing to invest in a new way to communicate via mobile marketing has grown substantially, and now businesses of every size have the opportunity to do the same. Today, using text messaging to build your customer base is something that should not be ignored.

Marketing text message comes with a number of benefits that other types cannot provide. First, virtually every text message sent will be received by the recipient almost instantly so this can prove effective when you are providing a time sensitive offer. Second, you will find that around 94% of all text messages sent today will be read and nearly everyone who subscribes to your SMS program will then see it.

Since you know that those who have subscribed have chosen to receive your offers or promotional messages, you also know that they are actively interested in your product or business. So of course there is the bigger possibility that they will choose to make a purchase from you.

Marketing a business includes constantly looking for ways that you can increase your customer base in the hope that you will then begin to make more sales and build loyal customers for the long term. There are numerous marketing techniques to employ and text messaging is just one platform that can be utilized – others shouldn’t be ignored since the most successful businesses consistently utilize more than one form of advertising.

We mentioned that through text message marketing you have the opportunity to reach customers quickly and easily. That is because the majority of people keep their cell phones within three feet at all times, and 97% of people open their text messages right away.

Marketing Text Message

This new way to keep in touch with prospects and customers provides you with a way to invite them immediately into your store or office, to offer coupons or discounts, or to announce news that is beneficial to them. By simply asking to communicate with them via text messages you have a way to not only keep in touch and strengthen your relationship, but also to secure an immediate response if you desire.

The most important consideration is to respect the opportunity to connect with people this way, and to provide value when you do. The text message list that you are creating will only be sustained, and continue to grow, if you insure that the people who opted in remain interested in what you are offering. Remember that these people always have the option to opt out of what you are offering at any time.

What many small businesses do not realize is that text message marketing is one of the most inexpensive ways to actually advertise your business. Plus mobile marketing allows you to reward those that remain loyal to you.

When you send out a text message it is important that you offer something that will benefit the person on the receiving end. Certainly one of the best things that you can do is offer them a coupon or discount so that when they make a purchase from you they get the item at a lower price. You can track what works the best by measuring the results of each communication.

You can let people know about your text message program through all forms of communications with them – and through your advertising. Include the invitation to text your business (opt-in to the service) on all of your present advertising. Make flyers and add it to your business cards, email signature, signs at your place of business and anywhere that you communicate with prospects or customers.

If you have a website, a Facebook Fan Page, a Twitter or YouTube account, or blog, add your test message information. Write a press release and announce your new text message marketing campaign that offers coupons and discounts. If you do newspaper, radio, television or internet advertising, include your text message marketing details.

Marketing with text messages to build your customer base can be one of the most effective tools that you can implement. Use this platform to benefit your prospects and customers and always value the privilege of having their permission to communicate.

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