Text Message Marketing: Available to Any Size Business

text message marketing

Local businesses and small businesses now have an opportunity to use text message marketing to connect with customers and clients the same as large businesses and even television are doing.  Until recently most small business and local business owners felt that text message marketing was beyond their reach in terms of cost – and especially in these early days of text message marketing.  They see the big businesses doing it but they also know that a large price tag accompanies those programs.

For small business owners who would like to use text messages to communicate special offers, coupons, discounts on slow business days, or announcements, they can use a service that will store their contact phone numbers and send out a message whenever  the business owner makes the request.  There is no large set up fee and the texting fees are very reasonable for a small business.

Marketing Text Message

This is very exciting for small businesses in terms of utilizing a new way to connect with customers, and that is a huge part of their customer’s life.  Everyone is texting and people like to get discounts or special deals.

There are two ways a small business can start using text message marketing.  If they have someone in-house that can run the program, they simply need connected to an sms provider.  If the business owner would rather a mobile agent set up the program and manage the messages, that is available as well.

Finding new customers is more expensive than keeping existing customers.  Statistics show that repeat customers also spend 67% more than new customers.  It makes sense to keep in contact with existing customers and invite them back to the business. Text message marketing can work especially well at restaurants and other entertainment facilities, and essentially at all businesses that require customers to walk through the doors.

There are five times as many cell phones as personal computers.  97% of text message get read, in contrast to a much lower percentage of emails.  And text messages are seen right away because the majority of people who own a cell phone have it within 3 feet of themselves at all times.  These are exciting statistics when you think in terms of how text message marketing can impact small business revenue, and it can get immediate results.

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To connect with a mobile marketing agent that will run a Yep Text program for the business, visit  Mobile Helper (20% off first month included in this option as well).

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