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Most businesses have online websites.  If they don’t, they will in the future.  It is important to have a web presence because people are searching for business information on search engines, both on computers and smart phones.

The way people search is by typing words into search engines. Knowing the right words people will use to find your business is the difference between many people finding your website, or only a few.

Some local businesses want to have a website to show their present customers or clients. Others want to grow their business by using the internet to reach more people. Many businesses want to do both.

What is a disappointment to many business owners is the fact that most of the time it is not as easy as putting a website online and have customers flock to it.

If you have a local business it can be pretty easy to rank high in the search engines for your keywords + your local area. Businesses that are competing nationally in the search engines have more of a challenge.

Finding the right keywords to use for your website requires research. There are tools to help with the research, especially if you are competing on a wider range than your local area. Local businesses can actually ask their customers how they would search for them and have great insight into choosing keywords. This is a great advantage to have and is often overlooked.

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Once you determine what your customers are searching for, you can optimize your business website for just those keywords and phrases. You can also use the keyword terms in your social media sites or directory listings – throughout your web presence.

Business owners may find the whole process overwhelming, or simply don’t have the time to market a website at the same time they are running the business. Most all of the work can be delegated to staff or if that is not an option it can be outsourced.

Website optimization, mailing lists, blogs, SEO, social media and auto-responders are a few of the components marketing online – and they all need to be done consistently. Having your web presence working for you can help you increase your customer base and grow your business.

It is estimated 80% of customers now look online before they make a purchase.  That’s a big reason to get active online.

These people searching online are looking for something beyond what the yellow pages provide.  They are looking for more information about your business because their choices have opened up with how much content there is available online.

To make your business website a success you have to rank in the search engines.  This can take effort and time; it is not something that is done over night, although there are ways to shorten the process.

Social Media is one of the hottest and latest trends in business marketing and also important today in ranking your website in search engines. It is called social authority and search engines are tracking it.

Corporate sites have Facebook pages and make offers for free items.  Think of how many customers they are pulling in with that kind of advertising on social media.

Today any size business can use the same advertising on social media sites. Social media includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest and many more.  Originally just for students and for chatting, social media is a tool savvy business owners do not want to ignore.

You can reach more and new customers online.  Whether you want to keep your business local or take it global, the World Wide Web is important to you.  There is a lot to learn about successfully placing your business in a prominent place on the internet, or you can outsource pieces or all of it.

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