Social Media Management: Can You Do It Yourself?

social media management

As a small business or local business owner, an entrepreneur of some kind, a coach, a consultant, a musician, an artist or an author, the thought of social media management, or having even one social media account for your business, can be overwhelming. You may not understand where to even begin.

It’s 2018 and you realize you must have a social media presence because that is where people hang out and they expect you to be there too if you are a brand or business. Should you be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube or Snapchat? Should you be everywhere? And how do you manage your social media accounts?

Information OVERLOAD

With the very nature of the internet and all of the searches you can do and information that is posted on many different platforms, it is almost TOO MUCH to sift through and understand.

Social media in general is still too new and changes too fast to have so-called ‘experts.’ However most people who work in and are more experienced with the industry will tell you not to dive into every social media platform at once because it takes time and effort to get each going.

There are options for social media management and there are costs involved in all options, whether it be money or time. Hiring an agency is certainly an option, but they can charge a lot of money that you may not have to spend. Or if you don’t have the extra money to spend, it will require your time and still requires knowledge.

The question is: can you manage your social media marketing yourself? The answer to that question is Yes! With three important components you definitely can.

  1. Training that gives you the knowledge of the platform
  2. A step-by-step guide to social marketing on the platform
  3. A way to stay connected to changes in the industry because social media changes daily

You, and any staff members that may be helping, will have the most helpful, interesting, and enlightening things to share with your audience – and engage with people directly. That makes doing your social media management yourself a huge plus.

social media conversation

If you are a small or local business with some staff that can help with social media, collectively you can contribute the personalized information that people on social media are looking to discover. Additionally, you can be active on social media more personally as opposed to an agency that is going to schedule a few posts a week.

Social media is social. People realize when businesses and brands are only there to sell products. Big brands can get away with it because they are well known and not so much looking to be discovered. More is expected of smaller brands.

Social media management services may include setting up your account, posting a set number of times per week or month, and that may be all. Some agencies will respond if followers post messages, but that will come at a premium price. Many small or local businesses can not afford that kind of service.

Important to remember is that your followers do expect you to respond if they ask a question. And remember, this is either a new lead or prospect for you, or customer service you are providing. You wouldn’t ignore someone standing in front of you asking a question so you shouldn’t do that on social media.

If you would like to learn more about do-it-yourself guide social media management, or to be able to give that information to someone on staff or is helping you with marketing your business, check out our RESOURCES page for what we are using and recommending.

Either the 30 Day Blogging Fast Track or either of Lynn Terry’s programs (Social Marketing Results and Niche Success Blueprint will be a great start to helping you grow your business online.


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