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Today we are constantly being invited to visit a business website.  Personal invitations, and even advertising a website address, will not deliver massive results most of the time.  A large amount of traffic to websites has its origin in search engine placement marketing.  The internet is driven by people searching on search engines, and business websites are doing all they can to be rewarded with the top spots on the first page of Google and other search engines.

It doesn’t matter if you do business online or not, if you own a business you should still establish a web presence.  People are going to the internet for the same business information that they used find at home in the yellow pages of their phone book or in a local newspaper.

You can increase your client base with a website.  More people are using the internet to shop, in addition to finding information, than ever before.  Having a website and a blog will help people find you and your services, and aid in your search engine placement marketing.

Today, your website is as important as your business card.  More than likely people are going to forget where they put your business card.  They can forget your phone number.  If they have your web address, they can bookmark it and have it always available.

Your website puts you in touch with your customers.  You can let them know of activities, classes, sales and many other happenings through your website or blog.  The constant updates and supply of new content is part of search engine placement marketing because it is what the search engines reward.

People do business with people they trust.  Search engines give top rankings to websites that they trust.  Working to be an authority in your market is critical to search engine placement marketing.  Search engines see too many websites with no valuable content, no new information, and many times no contact information for the business.  These are not ways that visitors to your website or search engines can learn to know, like, and trust you.

We live in a world where it is beneficial for a business to have an online presence.  We have the opportunity to build our website, implementing search engine placement marketing in the form of blogs, articles, videos, and more, into a successful business that earns significant income.

Search Engine Marketing Rank

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