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…to help you navigate the world wide web for business.

Already have a business started? The most popular social media platform here in 2018 is INSTAGRAM!

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and more are all great platforms to attract more people to your product or service as well.

And in addition to all social media opportunities is the essential of having your own real estate online:  whether it be a website or a blog, you need your own site that you control.

We are currently working through a blogging course ourselves, to grow our business.

This course incorporates social media platforms, as well as more opportunities to earn income online and specifically through your own website.

This program opens monthly for about a week and starts on the first of the month for 30 days:  30 Day Blogging Fast Track Course.

If you are not able to register at the time you click the link, or if you want this in addition to the course, you can start with a FREE 5-day Blog Crash Course :  Free Blog Crash Course.

We also have the resources we use posted below. 

This Resources page helps you learn what you need and where you can get it.

If you are you interested in marketing your product or service online, you have most probably been doing some research.  And most certainly you are experiencing information overload. That’s because there is just so much information ‘out there’ – and how do you sort through all of it?

We created this page as a resource for getting started with your internet business, or if you already have a business to take it to the next level by getting more people to see what you have to offer. If you have questions or need help with anything you read about here, Contact Us through the link at the top of the page.

All of the resources we list here are either what we are presently using, have used, or a member of our marketing community uses successfully.

If you order any products from the links on this website, we may receive a commission for referring you.

We hope that you find value in the information we give for free on this site, and we sincerely thank you for supporting those efforts when you purchase through our links.

Step-by-Step Build a Business Online

Buying a Domain name (

Once you do your research and think about a domain name, you need to check if it is available. There’s a good chance your first choice may already be taken with a .com extension, which is the most popular type of domain because people recognize and will remember it best. You may have to dig a little deeper into your keyword research and get creative in choosing an available website name.

NameCheap will help you in your search and it’s where we buy many of our domain names.

If you don’t already have a website, this is your first order of business. And after that is securing a hosting account so that your website is live on the internet. The way you purchase a url is to rent it on an annual basis or you can pay for several years at a time. The cost is about $11.

Web Hosting

The cost is very low to host your website. You can get a shared hosting account for as little as $3.95 per month. That means that the web server hosts different domains on a shared server and everyone shares the cost to keep it much lower than buying your own server (something you don’t need to start and especially if you have only one website).

Can you think of a less expensive way, overall, to start a business? An offline business with a physical location requires huge start-up money and is rarely profitable right away. With an online business, and its minimal operating fees, you can be in the black pretty quick.

It’s important to get your own domain name and hosting right from the start because then you have control over your website. When you have a blog on a free website, you are not in control and it can be taken down at any time – it would be very tough to lose all of your hard work overnight.

We use GVO to host our sites because we can have unlimited sites and we also have our autoresponder service, a video hosting service, a web conference room and more – all in one service. And also a big reason why we’ve stayed with GVO is because of the support they offer, including LIVE technical support.

 GVO Web Site Hosting Packages

Many of the internet marketers we know use Blue Host to host their websites. It is easy to use, with 1-click automatic WordPress installation and also has excellent customer service.

blue host


Once you have your domain name and your web hosting, it’s time to decide what kind of website you want. Hands down, in our opinion, the easiest website to make is a self-hosted WordPress site. And going forward, it is very easy to go in and make changes or additions to your website (unlike the days when complex coding required webmasters to make any updates and then waiting for those changes).

WordPress is a blogging platform, and there are two options for using it. is a free site where you choose the user name for your blog and then it is hosted on You do not need to purchase a domain name since your website address will be: This site is fine for blogging outside of business, such as for a hobby or for personal use.

However if you are using WordPress for business, it is recommended that you use and host your own domain. This gives you more control over the site in terms of content you can place there, search engine optimization so more people can find your site, and you don’t have to worry about your site being taken down at any time if it is on a public site that you do not personally host.

Both options allow you to customize your site, with themes, making your website look any way that you want.

There are so many great free WordPress themes that it is perfectly fine to start with a free theme. We’ll give you our favorite free theme and some paid themes to help get you started.

Very popular themes at great prices:  Theme Forest

Free theme: Weaver

Paid theme: The THESIS Theme Thesis will cost you a little more and is harder to navigate, but has great search engine optimization features, fast page load times, and custom features. We use it on one of our websites but don’t recommend it for your first website.

The Next Steps

Learn How to Blog

This program opens monthly for about a week and starts on the first of the month for 30 days:  30 Day Blogging Fast Track Course.

If you are not able to register at the time you click the link, or if you want this in addition to the course, you can start with a FREE 5-day Blog Crash Course :  Free Blog Crash Course.


One of the first things you will learn in your blogging (or website building) studies is that you want to be building an email list of prospects that you can continue to communicate with after they leave your site. Chances are they may never come back to your website, so if you aren’t collecting their email addresses, you are losing the opportunity to get that 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc touch with them.

It is essential to provide value when you offer something in exchange for that email address, and it is essential to always provide value in your subsequent email communications. This is how people get to know, like and trust you and your business and it is why they will possibly do business with you.

Aweber:  may be the most popular email opt-in / autoresponder service on the internet.

GVO: If you’re looking for a lot of services in one (website hosting, autoresponder, video marketing, online conference room and more), check into GVO. We have had an account with them for about 5 years now.

Social Media

If you want help primarily learning how social media can get you more visitors to your website and help you grow your business, we have learned from all of the individual social media coaches below, but we like Lynn Terry best.

Lynn Terry has made her full time income online for 20+ years. We are so impressed with her ideas, techniques, instruction, and easy going casual style that makes working online FUN, that we have stayed connected to her coaching for over 4 years now.

You can join us also by signing up here:


Lynn Terry Coaching

We believe that Lynn Terry’s social media course will both keep you busy implementing all kinds of new ways to grow your business using the internet that you don’t need any other resources at this time.

That being said, we have worked with some other internet marketing service providers and are listing them below for your consideration – only when you exhaust everything Lynn can teach you.


In regard to the resources on this page, we recommend you choose only ONE at a time and master that before moving on to the next.

The most important concept to remember about social media marketing is that it is the complete opposite of traditional ‘push’ marketing where you place ads in front of people. Social media is about sharing, building relationships, being accessible to help, answer questions and even provide customer service. It’s about getting to know, like and trust you before doing business with you.

Social media training is abundant on the internet. However, it’s not all good stuff ‘out there’! Here at, we only recommend products, services, tools and training from people we know, like, trust – AND USE. We also like high degrees of customer service and support where it comes to these programs, but ultimately that you learn from the best of the best.


Disclosure: Please only purchase products or services as you need them and if they are going to help you achieve the goals you have for your business (or hobby) online. Some of the links below are our affiliate links. You won’t spend any extra to buy the product or service, but we will earn an affiliate commission that is paid by the owner of the product. The links we post here are for products and services that we have personally researched and endorse. We use many of the products currently or we have used them or similar services during the progress of building our business. Should you decide to purchase from this page, we thank you for your support.