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As your Social Media and Internet Marketing Consultant, we will analyze your website and give you an internet marketing review in terms of the current reach and performance of your website.


We will recommend an overall strategy that is targeted to your individual business, including local marketing, search engine optimization, social media (you don’t have to be on every site) and mobile marketing.  We will give you a PLAN!

If you are ready to use the internet to get more traffic to your website, get more leads and more customers, and grow your business, we can help you get started right awayWe will recommend a strategic plan with targeted actions and you will be able to measure results.

Making you the authority in your business category or locall area, building your community online, and helping you connect with more people to grow your business are the goals.


Advertising and marketing business products and services are going through a major change right now. The new marketing model is not about pushing out a message in the form of an advertisement like we did in the past.

Today people are online searching for information and engaging in social media. The new, successful way to market a business is to pull interested prospects to your business by talking about how you can provide solutions or fill needs.

The key to remarkable business marketing results online is to give information, show knowledge and expertise, and help people.  It’s not about selling.  And it IS about using local search marketing as well as general search.

There are strategic ways to attract people to your business.

Here’s what’s needed for Local Search Marketing, SEO, Social Media & Social Media Marketing:

  • Your main website optimized for the search engines so that you will be on the 1st page of Google and other search engines, including Google Business Pages and local search optimization.
  • A web page – such as a blog – that will be updated often and and be your central hub for Social Marketing.
  • New content that is educational, enlightening, or entertaining, posted to the blog often – providing value, not trying to sell.
  • A social media marketing plan to syndicate your content all over the internet, in social media and bookmarking sites, on related pages, & more – and including strategic, quality link building.
  • Social media site memberships like a Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, a Pinterest Account, LinkedIn and/or YouTube – to engage people (by providing value) and lead them back to your blog.

How do you do all of these things and still run your business – provide services or deliver products – on a daily basis?

Do you hire someone, or do you contract the services out to us so that we can do your online marketing for you?

You will benefit from our services if:

1)  you want grow your business online

2)  you want to increase your business presence on the internet

3)  you want to make sure that your business shows up at the top of the search   engines

4)  you see the need to implement social media marketing for your

Every day that you are not participating in social marketing is another day your competition is finding new prospects and building a bigger presence on the internet.


We charge  $1,199 for a website evaluation, and FULL-SERVICE marketing plan that includes local search marketing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing for your business (also includes the first month’s full service fee).

Note:  We also offer individual services such as those listed to the right under the heading, “Other Work We Do”.  Just email to discuss fees for those services.


In addition, if you like the results that you get, we will provide ongoing internet marketing services for your web site for $1,199* per month, billed as a recurring subscription through paypal.

(You may cancel after the first month if you are not happy with our services or your results.  No refunds given after payment is made.)


Who are we? We are a team of internet marketing entrepreneurs who use social media and social media marketing to operate several businesses online.

We specialize in social media marketing and search engine optimization for small and medium size business websites.  We work together with you, and are dedicated to providing service and results to our clients.

We meet with clients in our web conference room, or communicate by telephone, email, or skype chat.  Technology has made long distance internet marketing relationships very easy to manage!


If you are interested in our Web Site and Social Media services, click on the ‘Subscribe’ button and take care of the payment.


Next, email us through the link at the bottom and tell us you are ready to get started.

We will send you back a profile to complete so that we can begin your Internet Marketing and Social Media Growth plan.


Paypal offers secure payment processing by credit card or echeck if you don’t have a paypal fund account.  Pay the fee through the paypal link below. We can get started immediately upon payment.  You can cancel the monthly subscription at any time.  No refunds will be given for monies already paid.

$1199 per month


We look forward to working with you.

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