Make Money With Your Passion or Hobby

make money with fishing

Today people just like you are learning how to make money with your passion or hobby. It’s easier than you may think to add a new income source to your financial portfolio by working with something you already love.

Do you know a lot about something you love to do? Online, if you know even a little more than the general population, you are considered an expert! Even better if you share great quality content.

Let’s say you love fishing. You fish a lot. You’ve learned a lot about fishing. You like to talk about fishing. It’s enjoyable for you to teach others what you know. You can’t get enough fishing!

Let’s say you also would like to earn some extra money to pay for your fishing purchases or to take a big fishing trip. Maybe even create a new source of spendable (or investment) income.

What’s happening on the internet is people are making content that is educational, enlightening or entertaining – and sharing that information online. It’s all about being helpful and adding value to the space. And there’s a lot of space on the internet.

You don’t have to worry about there being too much information already online about fishing. Your content is going to be different. You bring a different approach, a unique personality and knowledge that is yours alone.


So how do you make money? What’s working now is to use a simple website called a blog (you’re on one right now) because it is very easy to place content on it and make any edits to it as well. You add content in various forms:  text, audio files, video files and images.

You don’t charge for the stories you tell or the instructions you give (at least not at first). There are other ways to monetize. Below are some ideas.

How to Monetize Your Blog

  • affiliate offers
  • ad revenue
  • banner (image) ads

These are three basic ways to make money from a blog site. When you consider affiliate offers think about the potential. First, in case you don’t understand what an affiliate offer is, let us explain. Many websites that sell items online offer affiliate programs. You sign up as an affiliate and you get a special link to the sales page that tracks the people who see your specific site.

Example:  You become an affiliate for Dick’s Sporting Goods. You are given some image (banner) files to post on your site along with a special link that tracks whenever anyone you send visits the page and makes a purchase. You find fishing gear to post on your page and when  someone finds your page thru a story you wrote or an audio file you posted or maybe a video that shares a useful fishing tip.

While on the page, a viewer sees the picture of fishing boots on sale at Dick’s and they click on the link and buy the boots. You’ve just made a sale and earned an affiliate commission.

There are many kinds of affiliate products. There are books, guides, instructional programs and all kinds of physical products. You might do a post on how to fillet a fish (a video would be great for this type of post) and in it you talk about an organic frying pan that works great for cooking fish. There just happens to be an affiliate program for those pans and when you talk about it in your post, readers go check it out. When they buy, you earn!

As your blog site begins to attract more visitors, the other forms of advertising become more profitable. Other businesses that are related may want to place an ad on your website, and would pay you each month for that opportunity. You can also place Google ads on your website (you see those all over the internet when you are visiting sites – they are the blue text links that are listed as Google ads and there are also image ads). When anyone clicks on a Google ad on your site you earn income from Google’s Adsense program.

The ultimate way to earn money from your passion or hobby would be to create your own product to sell on your site. It’s easier than ever to write an ebook these days. There is all kinds of free information about how to do it most effectively. When you sell your own book, you get 100% of the profits (you can also list it on other sites for a small cost per sale).

The next step would be to create a product with a higher price point. It can be some kind of coaching program, membership site or training program. There really are endless possibilities  and we can be your source to help you discover them.

A great way to start is to follow a guide that will walk you through setting everything up right, discovering how fun it can be to create this new source of income working with something you love, and how to be most effective and successful with it.

Here’s a blueprint/guide/how-to that will do just that. Lynn Terry has 2 successful internet businesses around topics she loves (food industry and business training) and is an excellent trainer and strategist. We love the ideas she gives in addition to the how-to throughout this program.

It is a tremendous value for the content that you will get. Grab it at the low price now before it goes up. This kind of information is becoming high demand as people are looking for ways to develop more income sources.

Niche Success Blueprint

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