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When you use the Google Keyword Tool to search keywords to website, you may discover that the keyword has a lot of searches every month.  This means that many people are searching in Google for that specific keyword every month.

This may seem like a good thing, but it is only half of the picture.  When the keywords to website get a lot of searches, there is proof that the demand is there.  However, if there are millions of websites already targeting the keyword, how are the people who are searching going to find your website?

If you only look at the demand, you can put all kinds of internet marketing strategies to work and spend months or even years trying to target the keyword, and never make it anywhere near the top of the search engines.  Wouldn’t it seem a lot smarter to invest the time in finding a keyword that you can rank high for?

People search all kinds of phrases, some that may surprise you.  The number of times these keywords or phrases are searched each month may surprise you as well.  It is these numbers that we have to put value on because they are the first step in our keywords to website research.

Next, we have to determine the probability that we will be able to have our website shown in the top few results on the first page of Google and other search engines.  We can’t stop at the first step because we know from our previous articles that keywords that get a lot of monthly searches may already be targeted on millions of websites.  It would be too hard to compete against.

If it seems like an extreme challenge to determine the right keywords to website that you can rank high for in the search results, there is the option to outsource this part of your website marketing.  You may want to get on to the next steps of advertising and marketing your website, secure in the fact that you have targeted your money keywords.  It can be worth the cost of this service to have that piece of mind.

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Website Keyword Market Searches

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