4 Tips To Grow Your Business With Instagram

4 tips to help you promote your business instagram

When you start using Instagram as a marketing tool for your business, it doesn’t have to be a huge, time-consuming, expensive venture. However it can have a big payoff.

Before we get to the 4 Tips To Grow Your Business With Instagram, consider some current stats for this fast growing social media platform and some important best practices. About 20% of internet users currently use Instagram so there’s still lots of growth potential.

Instagram began as a simple app that allowed users to share mostly personal photos. It didn’t take long for brands and businesses to get involved. And now Instagram has over 400 million members who share 80 million photos and videos every single day.

First, and foremost, when considering using Instagram for marketing, is to remember that it is a social media site and people are looking for entertainment, not business. People will buy from the app, however they don’t go there to buy.

When you think about what to post, you want to think about what people are going to like. Images need to fit in with their lives – be passions, interests, fun, or helpful in some way. Think about providing value, value, value to people.

Instagram accounts that provide genuine value will get noticed and people will begin to ‘like’ your content which leads to more people finding you. The takeaway is to forget promotions and embrace the social atmosphere that is Instagram.

4 Steps to Instagram Success

1. Decide who your target market is (you should already know) and create your account with that specific group in mind

2. Start posting content that your audience likes – make sure it is relevant and value-based and have fun creating it

3. If your content is good it will start to get likes, shares and comments, and you can help that along by following other Instagrammers in your niche

4. Get more visitor to your website – can’t say it enough but good content will translate into Instagram users looking at your profile and clicking on the link to visit your website.

Today, using social media, marketing your business can be fun, and it’s definitely different from traditional marketing of being promotional or ‘salesy’. You can grow a large following, and get lots of visitors to go from Instagram to your own website so they can see your products or services.

There is only one place on Instagram to put your business link, and that is in your profile. Users are quite savvy about finding the content they like and then checking out where it came from so they can go learn more.

You will see a bit of a learning curve getting started with Instagram, including a set-up process and some strategic ways that you can work to create more value. The good news is that you can make traction in just 15 minutes a day performing a few key tasks.

A training guide designed to get you started using Instagram as a new tool to market your business and provide a constant source of new prospects can be very helpful to get you started quicker, make sure you’re set up properly, provide ideas and a path to success.

To learn more about using Instagram to grow you business by reaching new prospects that you can convert to new customers, we would like to give you our Instagram Marketing Tips and Tools resource. You’ll get some additional tips and a list of 5 tools that will help you use Instagram easier.

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