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We are going to tackle the subject of how to make a blog so that it can help you learn more about how to make money blogging. Today more people than possibly ever before are looking for ways to earn additional money to supplement their household income, and if you want that stream of new income to be internet related blogging can be your answer.

First, with all the tools and how-to information available, it is very easy for almost anyone to quickly get a blog started. There is a learning curve to monetizing it, but fortunately we can help you with resources you need to accomplish that and there is an abundance of help all over the web. And the other good news is that the cost of making a blog to earn income is very minimal, much different than starting a business offline.

The great thing about making your own blog is that it is in fact a business opportunity for you. In contrast to a second job where you may get a paycheck and be earning more taxable income, your own business gives you tax deductions so that you can keep more of the extra income you will earn. We talk more about the tax advantages of owning your own business in other areas of this site. Use the search bar to search for topics or check out recent articles or the ‘Menu’ area to look for small business tax deductions.

One of the great things about blogging is that you can choose the topic of your blog. It really helps to select a niche, market, or topic that you have an interest in so that you will enjoy spending your time working on the blog. You also want to make sure there are ways to earn money from the niche.

For example, if you have a passion for a certain sport or a specific area of health or fitness, there are multiple ways that you can monetize your blog and there is a huge market in these areas. You can sell other people’s or brand’s products as an affiliate marketer where you earn a portion of every item sold. You can work at getting lots of traffic to your blog and earn money from other business owners placing ads on your site, or using Google’s Adsense program. You can be a consultant or coach in one of these areas, or you can create your own products to sell.

How To Make A Blog

If you are brand new to the blogging world, you may be surprised how easy it is to get started. It’s not like building a website from scratch. You don’t have to know computer code. But your blog will look like a website and you can have great fun and pride building it.

A few of the main components needed in starting a blog are: deciding the topic of your blog, choosing a name for your blog, getting the domain name (, and picking a platform that will power your blog.

We have resources to help with these and in order to be transparent we do have affiliate relationships with them. You don’t pay any extra if you use our links, and since we also use the products we can help if you run into a problem or have a question. We also keep up with the industry and share news, tips and strategies to help you succeed.

Let’s have a look at the individual pieces you will need to get started in make money blogging.

We like to talk about the platform first because we love it so much and because many people who would like to start blogging put it off or scrap the opportunity because they think it is too much out of their comfort zone to make a website. The thing you need to understand is that the website is already made. You simply install it on your domain name, or your internet address.

Blog Platform

The most common platform is WordPress. We should preface talking about WordPress by saying there is a free WordPress (.com) and a paid side to WordPress (.org). There are also other free blogging platforms like Google’s Blogger or Typepad, sites like Tumblr or Medium and many others. The problem with free is the same problem you have if your make your main business webiste a social media page like a Facebook business page. When a site is free it means you don’t have control over it and it could be taken from you at any time. So if you build a huge following on a site that you don’t own, you could lose it in the blink of an eye.

The paid side of WordPress does not have to be expensive. You don’t actually pay for WordPress. You pay to buy (actually rent) your domain name on an annual basis (around $10-12 but you can find even less expensive deals) and you have to start with a minimal website hosting plan so that your website is live on the internet (as low as $6 per month). There are free themes that you can use to start (this is the ‘look’ of your site) and then when you start earning income you can always buy a premium theme that can provide a better look to your website – or, depending on your budget, you can start with a premium theme.

Domain Name

Next you choose your website address. You will need to get some ideas of what you want the name to be and then check to see if that is available. There are different places to purchase your domain name such as that has excellent support. We still recommend that you choose a ‘.com’ website even though there are so many other domain extensions now available. People are still most familiar with .com and there are still unique names available.

Web Hosting

We use different hosting companies since we have many different domain names, but our favorite when you are getting started blogging is Blue Host. They also offer great support and are a reputable, dependable company to keep your website live on the internet – you don’t want to build a website and be worried about ‘down time’.

Once you have your website name, your hosting, and you install WordPress to make your domain look like a website, you are ready to start putting content on your blog and then monetizing it.


Growing Your Blog

Once you get your blog established, how do you get the word out? Learn more here:  Social Marketing.


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