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Is your business listed in the Yellow Pages of your local phone book? Or are you a small business that could not afford an expensive monthly Yellow Pages listing?

Either way, Google found you and created a Google Business local  listing for you.

The question is: have you verified your business listing, in terms of adding the right content to your listing?

You might think Google business pages are not important but they are. Google is still the biggest search engine and they use their pages in different ways, even inside gmail accounts which many people have.

When Google creates your Google My Business page, it shows your contact information and may show it in Google Maps. Your listing may even include a couple of reviews that Google pulls from other websites such as Yelp, Merchant Circle or other business sites.

That’s the extent of what Google does for you. What you need to do is to verify your listing so that you can continue to be shown at the top of Google local listings for your market, or get to the top if you are not yet there.

Google allows you to input more business information such as additional images, videos, better description, links to your website or other internet sites you want people to see, and more. You can obtain citations and positive customer reviews.

They have coupons for you to advertise that also connects you to YouTube if you want to get more involved with video advertising, and also the mobile opportunity where people can find you on their cell phones. Google even has QR codes available to you and there are a lot of marketing ideas that you can integrate with your Google My Business account to help you grow your business, get more prospects and more customers.

When people go to Google and search for your business, type of service or product, and location, they now find the local business listings prominently positioned within the ‘organic‘ listings area that 70-90% of people click (only about 10% of people click the ads on the right side of a search results page).

If your business has ‘claimed’ or ‘verified’ its listing, it has a much better chance of being at the top of the listings in your local area.

Claim Your Google My Business Listing

Here are some important reasons why it’s more important than ever to verify your Google My Business page.

Google My Business pages now appear when people are searching for local information when they type in the Google search bar. You can get there without the kind of monthly fee that Yellow Pages charges – Google listings are free. Your potential prospect can find everything you want them to know about you on your page because you can place that information there yourself.

In addition, the local results are no longer separated from the organic Google results (the links that appear down the left side of Google searches). Local Google Places pages are now integrated with those organic results. This is important to know because, as we noted above and is important to utilize, 70-90% of people click on organic results rather than paid ads that run down the right side of Google search pages.

Optimizing your Google Business Listing in Google Places

Google My Business pages are enhanced listings with more information than is usually returned in a Google result.

You have the opportunity to add business information, pictures, website links, videos and reviews. There is a map and directions to your business.

You can increase the value of your page (in Google’s eyes) by continuing to add content to the page including additional reviews, add citations, and also add valuable content to your business’s main website as well. All of these activities work together to give authority to your business on the internet.

Right now 20% of searches on Google are related to location. It is important that your business is listed high on the first page of a Google search. People primarily click on the top results.

Google Maps are the new “Yellow Pages”. Maps are also mobile and will show up on cell phones – and the number of people getting smart phones with internet access increases every day. People can call you simply by clicking on your phone number in your business listing. More and more people are doing this because it is fast, easy and integrates with the mobile world where we now live.


All businesses that want to be competitive when people search for them now need a local listing on the internet and should have a mobile presence as well.

If you haven’t “claimed” your Google listing, you are still in the majority. Most businesses have not – and should do so now.

Google has found you already. Just Google your business name and address.

What you need to do is verify your listing AND optimize it.

Connecting your local listing and a mobile listing can be done at the same time so that you are set up for both.

Fusing web, mobile and offline presence will help your business dominate the search results for your market.

If you haven’t verified your listing, we can help you do that and tell you how to use it most effectively.

If you have verified your business listing, chances are you have not optimized it by obtaining citations and reviews, placing pictures and video on the page, and securing the best keywords people use to find you. You can do this work in-house, and if you need a guide to do that contact us.

Or, we can help you optimize your listing by adding the content your page needs to dominate your market: business info, location, pictures, video, reviews, citations, and more.

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