Finding Profitable Keywords


How do we find a profitable keyword that a website can target AND get more buyers?  First, let’s think about why people search online in the first place.  Looking for information about a product or service or something that they want to know more about is one area.  These searches are primarily to seek information.

People also search in Google and other search engines when they want to buy a product or service.  They have gathered information and are narrowing their search and getting closer to buying the product or sercive.  The words they now search when they are looking to buy are what we refer to as ‘money keywords’ or ‘profitable keywords’.

When you dig down into a keyword category (or outsource it and have someone do it for you), you can find what is called ‘money keywords’ or ‘profitable keywords’ that are associated with people actually buying rather than simply searching for information.  There are statistics that support the data that you get as you research these money keywords.

There are many keywords that are simply searched to find out more about a subject.  Even though we can provide information and valuable content on our website, we want to focus on finding the profitable keywords that people use when they are ready to BUY.  This is how our website will earn us the income that we are in business to produce.

A profitable keyword can help your website when it earns a high Google rank, in the top search results on the first page.  More people will find your website and that means you have the opportunity to show your product or service to more potential buyers.

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