DIY Facebook Marketing: Get Some Facebook Traffic For Your Business

Facebook Traffic40% of all website traffic today is referred by Facebook. That’s a powerful statement. It’s also why your business needs to be found on Facebook. The good news is that it is easier than ever to use Facebook successfully for marketing. In this article we will discuss a few of the many ways to help your audience find you on Facebook.

Facebook can improve your business’s brand awareness, help increase sales, and drive new people to the website(s) you want them to visit. Other marketing benefits include better search engine page rankings on Google and Facebook searches. And if you use video remember that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine behind Google.

This social media platform allows you to share and promote your content to a larger group of people. You don’t need an agency to do your social marketing. If that is holding you back it should not going forward. A good quality training guide can give you or a staff member everything you need to launch a new page, or transform an existing page.

Here are some tips that help with the first steps of setting up your page.

Give your brand name as a Facebook page name:

Your Facebook page username also plays a crucial role in helping you be found easily on search engines and in the Facebook search bar. If you are not using your brand name as your Facebook page name, then create a new user name that defines your brand name.

It is really easy to do, you can edit the “basic page information” and rename it with your brand name. Always remember the name you are using as your user name must be simple and unique to determine your brand, such as a company name (not short forms that aren’t recognized).

Enter complete information about your business:

When you initially create your Facebook page, enter complete information about your business. That includes mission and vision statements, general page info, description and a general overview.

This data will improve your search engine ranking in search results and Facebook search results. Post relevant and informative content on your Facebook page that defines your brand. It builds trust with your customers.

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Use Facebook plugins:

Facebook Plugins are integral in Facebook marketing strategies. A Facebook social plugin is fundamentally a widget that you can include in your Facebook fan page.

You can utilize the Like box, Send button, Activity feed, Comment box, recommendations plugin, subscribe button, registration plugin, and login button. Explore live streaming video on Facebook – it’s new and really getting popular right now.

Help Google find your page:

To get indexed in Google search result pages, you must let Google know that your business exist. It can take some time to get ranked at or near the top of Google searches, but there are tasks you can do over time that help you get the placement you want.

To help your business be found on Google, you can build links to your Facebook page by linking it with your website. Also, when you comment on blogs use your Facebook page URL, and write blog posts that are linked with your Facebook page.

Facebook traffic is great because it’s interest based and a lot of it is referral based – both very targeted for marketing. Having your Facebook business page  potentially found on Google for targeted terms people are searching is an added bonus of Facebook marketing.

To learn more about how important it is that you have a business presence on Facebook and how to get your share of the traffic, go here:  DIY Facebook Marketing.

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