Facebook Marketing Training Guide

Facebook Marketing

There is a lot of website traffic that is referred by Facebook. That fact alone should tell you why your business needs to have a Facebook presence.

Would you like to learn how to most effectively use Facebook to grow your business?

Let’s look at some reasons why Facebook is effective for internet marketing. The way businesses are finding success marketing on Facebook will help you decide where to put your efforts.

The retail industry does awesome acquiring customers through Facebook. Selling items does really work on Facebook, but unless you are a major brand it’s not just about pushing out a message such as posting an image ad.

People share on Facebook and that can be huge for any business with good products. Some interesting stats (and these numbers may be even higher because social media numbers change daily):

  • 53% of shoppers who clicked through from a friend’s Facebook page have made a purchase
  • 51% of fans are more likely to purchase from brands they “like” on Facebook
  • 90% of marketers plan on using Facebook ads in the future
  • 56% of marketers have increased their Facebook ad budget
  • 68% of marketers say that Facebook Ads are effective in fan (like) and customer acquisition

What are these stats telling us?

Facebook Pages are effective in helping people decide to buy things, especially when they are shared by a friend.

Facebook traffic is great. That’s why businesses will spend money buying ads.

Facebook Marketing is not about Selling

It’s important to get people to Like your business page, and that includes building relationship so they will share the page with their friends.

It’s important to provide quality content, engage with people on your business page, and be consistent in posting a variety of content. All of these are part of relationship building.

Facebook has one of the most advanced advertising platform for your business marketing purposes. You can easily target very specific groups of people, helping you narrow your audience quickly and effectively.

For example you can target people from a certain country, state, city, zip code, town, gender, relationship status, if they are in high school, in college, or college graduated, what interests they have, what pages they like. It is truly amazing the narrow reach you can choose.

Ads are not the end-all with regard to Facebook advertising. There are strategic ways to use Facebook, without spending money on ads. That’s all included in your Facebook Marketing Training Guide.

The value of a Facebook ‘Like’ is different for businesses but the way this social media is designed does make it a valuable resource overall, and by using strategic ways to provide value and encourage engagement – all the while helping people so that they want to both Like and Share your page – will determine the value of your individual Facebook marketing.

So the question would be: “what” specifically do you do on Facebook to market your business?


Facebook and the other social media platforms that are making a big impact on marketing your business right now are all covered in the resources below. Check them out and choose one that resonates with you!

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Either the 30 Day Blogging Fast Track or either of Lynn Terry’s programs (Social Marketing Results and Niche Success Blueprint will be a great start to helping you grow your business online.