Opportunity in Search Engine Keywords


The opportunity to distinguish browsing keywords from buying search engine keywords can make all the difference in the profitability of your website.  It is important to have valuable information that meets people’s needs on your website because it supports your expertise in your market and the need for providing information.

Browsing keywords are typed in the search engines by people that are doing research about a product or service or something important to them.  They search more general terms and they are looking for information only at this stage.  There is a definite need for giving information and it does help find potential buyers.

However, if we put all our time and effort (and possibly money) into ranking for one of these browsing search engine keywords, we won’t dramatic return on our investment.  We may get some traffic to our website, but the person is not in the buying stage just yet and may not ever come back.  Some may bookmark your site if they find very good content there, but for most people it will be hard to find you again.

When you choose the keywords to target on your website, and use those keywords in blog posts, social marketing, etc., you need to find the keywords associated with buying a product or service.  This doesn’t mean to add the word ‘buy’ or ‘purchase’, although in some niches that does work.

What you need to do is to find those special targeted search engine keywords that are the money words.  They are the keywords that have the optimal balance of searches per month and number of websites competing in the search engines.  The searches should be a high number and the websites competing should be a low number.

There are statistics, tools, and targeted knowledge to uncover these profitable search engine keywords in any market.  It is worth your time to find the money keywords for your website, or outsourcing the task, before doing any other work online to market your website.

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