Advertise Your Web Site Through Blogging

Web site advertising marketing and exposure through blogging has proven very successful when approached in a strategic and consistent manner.  Blogs evolved from the concept of an online journal, and are part of the social media phenomenon. When first conceived, they were used mainly by people to keep personal notes, post pictures and ideas.  Blogs were seen as something housewives and artists used to create online presence.  This is no longer the case.  Now, almost every business, either online or offline, needs a blog.

Social Media was much the same way. Viewed at first as a tool for students to connect, Facebok is now successfully used for web site advertising marketing.  Other social media sites are catching up fast.  Sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and flickr are becoming business essentials.

So what can a blog and social media do for your business website?  People like to feel they know the people they are doing business with.  They like to feel they can trust the business.  They like to know the business is community oriented and involved.  For a traditional business this concept is sometimes hard to convey.

A blog on a business website, integrating social media, can inform customers of current news or offers, educate, and entertain visitors.  Community events, charities and even small events hosted by the business such as celebrations, birthday parties, and classes, can be advertised.  Pictures can be posted, including those of customers enjoying the events.  If the business participates at a community event, such as a cleanup for example, post the event with pictures.  Blogs and social media are a way for your customer to get to know the business and what you do in the community.

Blogs will bring traffic to your web site advertising marketing.  While your business may be a traditional local  business without online sales, it is still important to bring traffic to your site because your customers are online even if they aren’t buying a product or service from you online.  Traffic means people who are interested in stopping by the physical store are stopping by your website to see what you are all about.  Blogs that are updated frequently will help improve search engine ranking and will increase your traffic and potential client base.

Blogs and social media give you a real time connection to your customers, more so  than your website does.  They should be kept current, updated on a frequent basis.  A customer can go to your blog or Facebook page and see what is going on right now. Where your website may be static and offer great information, the blog and social media is where they get current communication from your business.

The numbers say it best.  Facebook has more than 120 million users who log on every day.  Twitter, a micro blog, has over 3 million “tweets” being sent a day.

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